Sunday, March 27, 2011

watchin' some hockey before I go watch some hockey

It was a bit of a rough morning as it's my beloved Tracy's only day off in a stretch of 11, and she (predictably) had a taste for the booze last night. For my part, it was the busiest night I've worked in a while, and there were friends and liquor around 'til 6 in the A.M. A little thai food, soda water, and a couple of episodes of Modern Family, and we were good to go.

Von Pylon and I are headed to see the Portland Winterhawks demolish the Everett Silvertips (or, the Wingtips, as Collision is fond of calling them) in a playoff match. As we are lucky enough to have ladies, and ladies that a) like spending time with us, and b) enjoy a good hockey game, Von Pylon's Dr. Girlfriend and Tracy will also be attending. Oddly, in this best Winterhawks season since Marian Hossa was on the team, I have not yet been to a game. Back in 07/08, when the 'Hawks amassed 25 points and Curtis Mucha saw approximately 97,000 shots, Collision, VP and I went three times. I guess you can't call me a fair-weather fan, you can just call me a bad fan.

Firstwise, though, I am watching a little of the Canucks/Blue Jackets (Flak Jackets? Cuz they take so many shots? Wait, flak jackets actually STOP some shots! Hey-yo!) game. 'Tis a dreaded eastern time afternoon game. I expected my boys to come out flat, and Schneider to have to stand on his head, but the 'Nucks are up 1-0 after one. Hamhuis went down, and if it's serious, I'm gonna cry, but other than that, things look good.

Looks like it's gonna be a good day...

UPDATE: The Canucks have decided to come out flat in the second period, and Schneider is having to stand on his head. Backhanded Compliment of the Day Award goes to 'Nucks color man John Garrett for congratulating Rick Nash on being the likely captain of Canada's World Championship squad. Because you know, he usually is.

Here be some Screamo for ye.

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