Monday, August 5, 2013

these guys are a fuckin' disgrace

Being an introduction to the Clear the Crease bloggers.

Pierre Idiot Trudeau (AKA JeffCanuck):
Canadian. Canucks fan. Loather of all Canadian media. Deep opinions about early Def Leppard.

Bogdan von Pylon: Doesn't care what you think. The man who squats behind the man who runs the soft machine. Sharp mind and sharper tongue behind the whole CtC operation.

Chris Collision: Avs fan. Writes about hockey a lot for The Classical. (Also basektball, base-ball, and bears.) You may have seen his work on Deadspin, or on FreeDarko. He writes about HEAVY TUNES for Negative Fun Records. Sagittarius.

You can hear Jeff and Collision on the new No Headline AudioZine podcast, released Sunday. Collision and von Pylon got hella liquored up on Saturday. Go Avs Go!

Jew Grimson: Long-lost token Blackhawks fan. Instigator/sensitive soul type, not entirely unlike Sean Avery. DJ. Not particularly interested in hearing your nonsense.

Clear the Crease enjoys the musical stylings of Lord Dying.

See you in the streets.