Tuesday, March 15, 2011

uh. what?

A million years ago, I was a parts clerk at a vendor for coin-operated amusement and vending machines. I spent most of my day wearing a walkman, blasting my brain with HEAVY TUNES, doing shipping, receiving, inventory, all of that.

And one of my duties was always to make sure the parts area of the warehouse was organized, clean, blah blah woof woof. (Those of you who have seen my desk may gather that some parts of this task were easier for me than others.

Anyways, the point is this: whenever I would come across some ill-identified piece of equipment, something that wasn't familiar to me and that fifteen minutes of research couldn't identify, I would grab my Marks-A-Lot and label the fucker: BAFFLE.

Because it baffled me.

And so does this promotion.

UPDATE: The World's Best Girlfriend in the World notes that the promotion includes "GOT CURRY?" shirts, which suggests that the Marketing Genius Behind This One noted the Warriors' roster included one Stephen Curry and leapt immediately to HOLY SHIT CURRY IS ALSO A KIND OF FOOD THAT INDIANS LIKE.

Which makes me grateful that there's nobody on the team with the last name of "Watermelon".

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