Monday, March 7, 2011

LINE BRAWL: rage in the corn port

Bogdan von Pylon:
Who here is really tired of the endless speculation about where the fuck Mr. Excitement Kaberle is going to go... And when he'll waive his NTC?
Enjoy Boston, you prick.

Pierre Idiot Trudeau
Boston got ROBBED. A first rounder, conditional second AND a living breathing hockey player? For a guy NOT under contract past june?

Jew Grimson
I give him about a week before Cooke ends his career too.
Insert insult x about Jew Grimson here so I can say I beat you fuckers to the punch.

Bogdan von Pylon
Oh yeah, Grimson... Lets all dogpile on the mopey kike so he can scream "Godwin's Law" and look totes clever. Fuck that.
Kaberle end his own career... Probably trying to parallel park between Chara and Valabik.
And about that... whats up with the huge Czech D?

Seriously, who gives a flying fuck about a second-tier power-play specialist? People are acting like Boston just added Chara.2.0 or Pronger or somebody. What they added was a guy who put up modest numbers for a team that hasn't played a meaningful game since the lockout.
Great job, Boston.

Pierre Idiot Trudeau
Yeah, DGB's assertion that Boston is now a "Cup favorite" is a little odd.

Bogdan von Pylon
I don't give a fuck, that's the goddamned point. Every asshole and his queer cravat loves to crawl around sniffing after Kaberle's corn-port, and all I want them to do is shut the fuck up about him.
Jesus. Read much?

DID YOU KNOW his name is actually pronounced more like "k'burly"?
He is more than six feet tall and he weighs well over 18 stone! A citizen of the CrossCheck republic, he knows how to skate both forwards and sideways, and frequently has two hands on his stick!
His favorite car is an Audi, but the sporty one. As a child, he dreampt of becoming a milliner, but was forced into hockey by the repressive capitalist state apparatus his father, a forensic accountant, worked for.
He sleeps upside down, like a bat, claiming that every second spent prone or supine "costs you one furlong of vital potency". He can lift a car battery over his head with one arm. His dream journal was a best-seller in Brazil.

Jew Grimson
Different story with a healthy Savard. Boston could be as good as anyone in the East if Rask would have lived up to more of his potential, conceding how young he still is. Thomas has played above himself. Bergeron has played well and will continue to, but Seguin's still to young to be any real force on this team. In short, good team, but far from being a Cup contender.

You think Rask's potential is to be better than Thomas this year? No goalie has ever finished a season with Thomas' save percentage.

Jew Grimson
Not saying that, I'm just saying that if I'm an opposing team and I see that Rask is in net, I'll start salivating. [Ed. note: as of this writing: Rask has a .920 save percentage and a 2.67 GAA with 2 shutouts in 22 games] He's better than being just a warm body in front of the net. And really, did you think Thomas would be playing this well this year, because I didn't see it coming.

Did I think the guy who was injured last year and a Vezina winner the year before that would play well this year? Yes. Yes I did.
Did I think that through nearly 60 team games played he would have a historically high save percentage? No, of course not.

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