Tuesday, March 29, 2011

prediction corner: Trudeau on Eastern round 1

Brought to you by SNACK FLAG, here are Pierre Idiot Trudeau's predictions for the first round of the Eastern playoffs.

I think the standings will pretty much stay the same in the East, so I'll start there.

1 PHI vs. 8 BUF: This one is a no brainer unless Miller gets real hot and Pronger stays out. Even then, it would take a pretty checked out Flyers squad to get upset here. 4-1 Flyers.

2 WSH vs. 7 NYR: Here we have two teams surging, two goalies hot, and two teams that have no real love for each other. Given the Caps recent playoff history, and the Rangers having Henrik Lundqvist, I figure this one is ripe for upset, but it will take 7. 4-3 Rangers.

3 BOS vs. 6 MTL: Ahhh, two teams I hate, but love to watch play in the playoffs. Remember when Milbury called Burns a fatass? Like 100 times? 4-2 Bruins.

4 PIT vs. 5 TB: The Lightning have no goaltending (Roloson's numbers have gotten WORSE since coming over from the Isles), no defence (that's how we spell it in Canada) and a highlight reel line that WILL be shut down come playoff time. The Pens have a Cup winning goalie, and if he comes back healthy, Sidney fuckin' Crosby. 4-2 Pens.

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