Thursday, November 3, 2011

too dumb to play with themselves 12: Adam Proteau (or IS it?)

In his most recent column, Adam Proteau solidifies the chance he'll land the lead role in Simple Jack II.

Which is a good job by him. I mean, if Joe Thornton has taught us anything besides John Tortorella is funny as fuck, it's that trading great forwards works really really well: I mean trade centerpiece Marco Sturm is tearing shit up for the Bruins to this very day, and Wayne Primeau & Brad Stuart's contributions to the Big Bad Bears surely need no gilding from the likes of me.

What's particularly amazing is the last line:
And the hockey chiropractors charged with straightening out the organization’s spine need to accept the time has come to cut the cord.

I mean, this is...this is Thomas Friedman level ineptitude. The second you've accepted "hockey chiropractor" as something better than word salad, you're confronted with "cut the cord" which inevitably is going to make a non-weenie think of the spinal cord.

Personally, I'm completely behind the idea that says that somebody should cut the spinal cord of the Calgary Flames franchise. It's just surprising seeing it appear in the Hockey News.

--Collision, cleared for off-ice workouts

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