Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Darren Rovell thinks rape victims should move on so PSU/Sandusky can be saved

Darren Rovell:
Sandusky/PSU could be saved if '02 alleged victim doesn't come forward. Some rape victims prefer to move on instead of go back.

Everything about this is wretched.

The possiblility of "saving" Penn State or Sandusky is not one I think is worth meditating on.

A minor thing, possibly unique to me, but I also don't like the eternal sportscaster's present "if the victim doesn't" when used about something that actually matters. "If Hitler doesn't invade Poland, the Reich could have been saved."

Another phrasing gaffe is the informality of "move on" as applied to the experience of having been sodomized as a child, or any rape whatsoever. But the content is far, far worse than the packaging, of course: whatever it is that Darren Rovell does or does not know about what "some rape victims" do or do not prefer to do is of less interest to me than you can possibly imagine. Especially hateful and wretched to suggest is that this "'02 alleged victim" should have elected to "move on instead of go back". That this toss-off of dismissive, snotty judgment still sullies the Web a day or so after it was posted speaks ill of Darren Rovell, his employers, and the general community of people who pay attention to them.

--Collision, sick to his guts over the awful things people say

The only thing that works is thinking about Flux of Pink Indians. Darren Rovell, reminding people "The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks" since 2011.

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