Monday, November 14, 2011

Milan Hejduk: still awesome, now captain

Nice piece on how the whilom Saint Mayor, current History's Greatest Monster, future Ex Who I Vaguely Hope Is Doing Well and Who I Will Never Have to Talk to Again used to be not Craig Anderson but Craig Andersson. S/t to Puck Daddy.

But today, nothing may distract us from our sacred obligation to honor long-time second-tier star Milan Hejduk, as he finally--finally--gets his due and is anointed the Colorado Avalanche's captain, joining longtime stalwarts Joe Sakic and Adam Foote as the only captains the franchise has ever known. Hejduk has long been a favorite of mine for his professionalism, his not-bad-for-a-hockey-player sense of humor and his deadly shot.

Hejduk's comment on the new gig?

It's pretty cool.

He also looks exactly like Doug from The State, which doesn't hurt.

(Doug from The State, preparing to utter his catchphrase, "I'm leaving now.")

(Milan Hejduk posing for a photograph the day he was drafted.)

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