Saturday, May 14, 2011

You'd think I was Kreskin!


(1) Washington vs. (5) Tampa Bay
My Pick: Caps in 6
Reality: Lightning in 4
So it's good night for Ovechkin and the Capitals, thanks to the Tampa Bay Lightning. What can I say? I underestimated the power of the trap. But Sean Burgenheim? Wow. That guy is playing like he has to sign a contract after each period. 

(2) Philadelphia vs. (3) Boston
My Pick: Bruins in 5
Reality: Bruins in 4
"Philly will not get away with juggling 3 goalies this time. If they don't settle on one, I pick a short series," I said, and was not wrong. That wasn't the only thing that killed Philly:Thomas was great and took away their chances, Pronger slouched around out there (umm, for one game, Collision points out, I guess I was recalling his performance against Buffalo. Need to stop hitting 'publish' pre-coffee) and they just looked unprepared and wholly overwhelmed. Big props to James Van Riemsdyk. Ummm, James? Do you like Vancouver? It's a nice city. 


(1) Vancouver vs. (5) Nashville
My Pick: Canucks in 6
Reality: Canucks in 6

After I made this pick, I wanted to change it to 5, cuz game 6 put them on the road. Ah well, no matter, Canucks Kesler came up big, and here we are headed to the Conference finals (where, by the way, the Canucks have a perfect record... 2 and 0). Preds are a good team. Rinne is a monster of a goalie, and the defense on that team! Need to cultivate some forwards, but Fisher, Erat, Legwand and Ward are a pretty good start.

(2) San Jose vs. (3) Detroit
My Pick: Wings in 6
Reality: Sharks in 7
"This one is going a minimum of six." Right-o you are, Pierre of two weeks ago. Wrongo, though, you were about the winner. At the start of the series, I was all "Ohhhhh, the Sharks are gonna choke!" And then I was all, "Damn! The Sharks are gonna sweep!" And then it was back to the choke thing, and then I was like, "Ooooooooh! The Sharks narrowly avoided a total collapse!" On the Wings: Pavel Datsyuk is, for lack of a better word fuckingawesome. Von Pylon called him a Herald of Galactus, and I guess he does kind of look like Terrax the Tamer:


Chris Collision said...

"Pronger slouched around out there"? Did you watch any games in this series? Because Pronger did: he watched three games of this series, because he only played in one of them.

Chris Collision said...

And I don't think it was von Pylon who introduced the NHL forwards as Heralds of Galactus meme.

Just sayin'.

pierre idiot trudeau said...

Von Pylon said that in an e-mail thread. So, regardless of who introduced it, he said it.

Chris Collision said...

Yes, Pronger's 22 minutes in the 7-game Buffalo series must have made quite an impression. West Coast media bias?

I made a Galactus herald crack on twitter & by text, but apparently several weeks after Pylon, so he gets pride of place on that.

pierre idiot trudeau said...

To be fair, Pronger did suck in every minute he played, and THAT made an impression.