Friday, May 27, 2011

Avs' John-Michael Liles to Ryan O'Byrne: You're Caught with the Meat in Yr Mouth

We here at Clear the Crease are exquisitely explicitly pro-hot-man-on-man action. So far as I know, it is not the favored sexual expression of any of our contributors, but we all believe it's a larger, richer, fuller world when everybody gets to be who they want to be (with consenting adult partners, of course).

That said, it is hardly common for one pro hockey player to point out that another seeks sexual gratification by means of orally pleasing other men, as happened today between Avalanche D-men John-Michael Liles and Ryan O'Bryne.

I hope this kind of good-natured off-season banter helps form bonds that help these Avs stalwarts keep enemy skaters out of the goddamned zone with a little more cocksucking regularity next year.

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