Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trudeau's Conference Finals Predictions


(3) Boston vs. (5) Tampa Bay

The Lightning play a very annoying, yet effective game. The 1-3-1 trap clogs up the neutral zone, and bores the shit out of us. The thing the Lightning have going for them is goal production. It's a tough combo to beat. But Boston is a pretty good team in their own right. This may come down to a goalie battle and, if it does, Thomas is the one to pick. Though, I have been known to be wrong about Roloson and the Bolts before. Bruins in 5


(1) Vancouver vs. (2) San Jose

I *might* be a tad biased here but, here's the facts as I see them: 1) Luongo is better than Niemi (haters will say that Niemi has won a cup and bested Luongo the last time they faced off in the playoffs. To that I say, "MEH!"). 2) The Canucks defense is better than the Sharks D by a mile and a half (at least!) 3) San Jose has a better set of forwards, but not by much.
I desperately hope think the Sedins will have more room to ply their trade, and Kesler will continue to dominate. Canucks in 5

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