Tuesday, May 10, 2011

any excuse to listen to the Wipers

Noted ethicist Drew Magary on our national decorum:

By the way, let me just say to any namby-pamby dipshit out there who's getting all worked up just because people were dancing around happy because bin Laden was dead: FUCK YOU. Okay? Give the country one goddamn day to act overly patriotic.

A riposte from a guy I buy records from kind of all the time:

Evening news viewers in the USA are meant to be sickened, horrified, etc. at footage of foreigners dancing in the streets when a terrorist act has been committed. Meanwhile, our military invades another country, shoots an unarmed man to death in his PJ’s and the Youth Of America start reenacting a Coors Silver Bullet commercial. There’s nothing radical or anti-American about holding human beings to a standard other than savagery & bloodlust.

The lesson here: Records 1; Dick Jokes 0.

And now let us listen to the Wipers.

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Jew Grimson (AKA Bob Macajew) said...

Post like this makes me proud to be involved with this site, as does the one that follows it. Keep it up, Collision.