Thursday, May 5, 2011

catastrophe's cusp

I am on the verge of going 0-4 in my second-round picks. So allow me this minor crowing: I won a bottle off of von Pylon (go Lightning, I guess...except for that whole trap thing) and at some point yesterday I was winning Jibblescribbits' playoff pool!

Some notes on the names are perhaps in order. I naturally named my team after a played-out Frisky Dingo reference the Avs' primary defensive tactic the past few seasons: wait for your man to beat you, then try to commit a penalty so your +/- doesn't suffer. Gold group #1!

Idiot Trudeau bartends, and I presume his team's name is a nod to what he will serve you, should you order food at his place of employ. Blue team = #2.

As for von Pylon...I assume he's referencing some kind of childhood trauma. Brown group makes everybody sad.

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