Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the wagers of sin

Got literally murdered today at work, so I don't have a huge amount of time for this, but it bears thinking about: last year, Brian Elliott was, in very, very few games for the Avs, like world-historically bad. Like .891 Sv%, 2 wins vs. 8 losses, 3.83 goals allowed a game bad. Bad enough that if I could write for shit, I would have taken him to Vesa Toskala's woodshed.

File photo of the only goaltending performance worse than Brian Elliott's 2010-11.

And this year, Brian Elliott is starting and winning who-should-start-in-goal arguments. What this makes me wonder is how incredibly bad must the Avs defense have been last year?

In other news, another thrilling Clear the Crease Challenge has begun, as Bogdan von Pylon's Calgary "poor hockey players" Flames host the "unsustainably hot" Colorado Avalanche to-night. If the Flames win, I will post a sonnet about every goal-scorer tonight; if the Avs prevail, von Pylon will sigh, shrug and get on with his life.

--Collison, who knows how to keep things interesting

Not as interesting as Modano, though. S/t to Puck Daddy, duh, for this image.

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