Friday, October 7, 2011

how others want you to prepare

Can you spot the missing "storylines" from this mostly excellent, straight-from-the-pages-of-Puck-Daddy1 season preview for you clueless weenie whistlers who don't know anything about the NHL?

Why are all the Russians extra "enigmatic" this year?

Well, there was a plane crash. A whole team died. Shit-ton of former NHL players. Lots of tributes all year.

Seems like the bruiser ass-kicky guys are a little glum this year, too...

Yeah, about that...uhm. Well, this isn't all that easy. But a couple guys...a couple guys went into the offseason...and didn't...they didn't make it. Belak, Boogaard, Rypien.

Not a huge surprise Grantland isn't covering this more, after the beatdown they got the last time they tried to go down this road. But it's a striking omission in what bills itself as "some things to think about". I guess Milan Lucic's girlfriend's shoes are a bigger kick than 47 people who kicked off.

--Collision, thinking about stuff

1By my rough count, 11 links to YouTube, 5 to Puck Daddy, 5 to ESPN, 3 each to the LA & NY Times, 3 to twitter/twitpic, 2 to Grantland, Bodog, and TSN, 1 each to, Globe & Mail, Sporting News, National Post,, Wikipedia, Slam, USA Today, zoomoda, CBC, nhlwheelofjustice, The Coaches Site, Men's Fitness, Deadspin, The Score, post-gazette, Philly Sports Daily, NBC, Philadelphia Eagles.

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