Wednesday, October 19, 2011

power metal and power forwards

Reading 'round, I found this power forward index, another attempt, it seems, to quantify this commodity. (Longtime readers will remember that an otherwise well-regarded blogger came up with a number that showed that Jarome Iginla wasn't a power forward, a metric we may dismiss with the contempt it deserves.) The first approximation is:
PFI = (points/game * 10) + (hits/game * 1.5)

Doesn't suck, but power forwards tend to be goal producers, and I think the "points" metric used in the original favors assist machines like Spezza. I think I'd prioritize goals, not points. And the writer noted wanting to reward people who are physical but still manage to play in a lot of games, so perhaps something like:
PFI = (goals/game * 10) + (hits/game * 1.5) * (games played/possible games played)

Have to play with this a little bit, see what kind of names fall out.

--Collision, worse at spreadsheets than any man alive

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