Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tomas Vokoun is elderly & infirm

Unsupported and likely unjustified supposition time!

Assumption: Bruce Boudreau is not stupid.

Observation: Bruce Boudreau did not start free agent acquisition Tomas Vokoun in the first regular-season game.

Observation: Tomas Vokoun got lit the fuck up the first game he did play. Vokoun, after giving up 5 goals on 28 shots:

I should have lost, hands down.

Conclusion: There is something wrong with Vokoun or his game, up to & including he's just done.

(Tomas Vokoun, shown here preparing for his next start.)

You heard it here first. (Actually, Jibblescribbits heard it first, b/c I started thinking about this a couple days ago).

--Collision, just getting started

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