Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SI shills for Canucks, blogger unimpressed

Rome may have been a bit out of his depth alongside Kevin Bieksa, taking two penalties in Game 2 and mistiming his hit against Horton in Game 3.

Yes, yes, two penalties because he was "out of his depth", followed by a "mistimed" hit. I think that's how everybody would describe the way the man plays.

Particularly Nathan Horton.

Shame that Raffi Torres sometimes "mistimes" his hits. Why, frequently, his timing is so bad that the opposing player is facing the wrong direction entirely! And I think we all feel bad that Ryan Kesler occasionally "mistimes" his humorous quips about fucking other players' wives. I mean, timing is such an important component of telling a joke.

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pierre idiot trudeau said...

Your insinuation that Rome is a dirty player is unwarranted. It's not like the guy has a history of that shit. The hit was late, and Horton was injured, but it was a north-south play, not a blindside. Rome deserved the 5 and a game, and a one game max (if you consider the rest of the suspensions in these playoffs), but I ain't gonna complain too much, he did put someone out with a dangerous play.