Monday, June 13, 2011

are the Canucks the Bruins?

No, I'm not suggesting the Canucks are playing with against themselves.

(Alain Vignault pulling Luongo yet again.)

It's just that this season reminds me strongly of 2008-9, when the Bruins dominated a shit-ton of the individual-type awards (Norris, Vezina, Jack Adams) and then got upset in the playoffs.

As I write this, it's the first intermission of game 6, Bruins up 4-0, and I don't think anybody would bet against Vancouver to take the series. But if they don't pull it out (see illustration above), look for them to have a horrible rash of injuries all next season and then dominate the league in 2012-13.


*"it" = drunken speculation. Iced Earth rules; In Solitude drools. We love you all.

--Collision, whose agent won't return his calls anymore

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