Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Avery, the rain and I

I had the opportunity to talk with Bethlehem Shoals as he wrote this superb piece about GBLT athletes in specific and the overlaps of sport and commerce in general. I learned a lot thinking out loud with him, and I learned a lot reading his final version.
At least in America, politics are polarizing. The right, religious or otherwise, and to a lesser degree, the left, make for important consumer blocks. Say a Nash or Avery is admired for his stance, aiding his brand. Shouldn’t there be other fans out there just clamoring for a player who, however subtly, stands with his values? To be even more cynical about it, maybe Todd Reynolds isn’t an incompetent jerk, or an irresponsible one, but a clever strategist. It may be a risky maneuver, but Reynolds serving as mouthpiece makes it less so.

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