Monday, June 20, 2011

as heard on Puck Daddy Radio

(Whenever I can, I spend an hour a day listening to Puck Daddy Radio. Sometimes, I even answer their Question of the Day. Today, host Rob Pizzo read the following and followed it up with "and Chris Collision can kiss my ass".)

Today's question, the not-leading-at-all "What aspect of Nicklas Lidstrom (stats, intangibles, etc.) impresses you the most?".

By far the most impressive thing about Nick Lidstrom's game is his incredible aura of saintliness. He's completely immune to criticism or accusations that his game isn't what it once was, unlike every other 40-year-old defenceman in the history of the game. Reagan was the Teflon president, because no criticism ever stuck to him: Lidstrom is the Teflon Dman, the only player of my lifetime who is a more obvious candidate for canonization than for the Hall of Fame.

I bet Lidstrom could skate on water that *wasn't even frozen*. His slap shot heals the sick and his outlet passes sometimes take flight as Lidstrom's angelic brethren descend from the heavens to honor their glorious leader. We are all literally blessed to receive another year-long reason for guys like Pizzo & Wysh to explain over and over again that plus/minus is a poor way to judge a defenceman's skill.

Unless he actually posts a decent plus/minus this year. In which case they won't say a word about how misleading it is.*

All Hail Saint Lidstrom!

--Collision, who thinks Lidstrom is simultaneously great and overrated

*Note: this was written before Pizzo & Wysh opened the show with gushing about how Lidstrom's career plus/minus was like plus a million. Which apparently matters, even though 10 minutes later his minus rating for last year didn't matter.

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