Wednesday, September 1, 2010

doldrums: the linkdumpening

I dunno exactly how long it'll be before the hockey season actually starts. I think it's on the order of 10,000 years, where every year you have 100 not-going-to-grad-school conversations with your mother, 100 yes-I-still-have-that-shit-job conversations with your father and zero conversations with your girlfriend because you don't have one because you sit around reading ancient blog posts about hockey instead of doing pushups and making sure your fingernails are clean.

That said. A couple gems plucked from the twitter feed of Wysh. Something to fill the endless swaths of dread-steeped time otherwise spent despairing over the probability that the Avs will be dead fucking last in the West this year while the pig-frigging Canucks run roughshod over all in their paths.
  • Seriously?
    Anybody have the stones to call their fantasy team the Edmonton Swastikas this year?
  • I always liked Khabibulin.
    Another gem. This is great. Just sprays bile over everybody involved in the situation. It's always great watching a fan's mind splinter into madness, and this guy reminds me strongly of the bit in Aliens where Hudson's getting dragged to his doom, screaming "you want some? here's some for you! oh, you want some too?"
    I don't want to oversell it, but everybody from Ford to Molson to Oilers GM Steve "overmatched and underfunded" Tambellini comes in for some abuse.
  • Legacy piece here.
    Never a bad read when you're dealing with goalie fights, and this harks back to those halcyon days when Deadspin writers actually...talked about sports every once in a while, instead of descending to the fratboy date-rape-and-AIDS-jokes level of their commentariat.
  • And one killer chart I got off of Jibblescribbits.
    I have made the argument in the past that my favorite player of all time is Eric Lindros, because of what he did for my Avs.

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