Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rodent redux

Absolutely fascinating, this approach to determining to what extent one should give bigtime dollars to aging players. While I'm not completely sold on the details, because these names are all from what now seems a bygone era, there's super food for thought here. And I muchly applaud the qualitative and comparative approach used by the rodent. While there's much to update, the information he extracts and highlights is infinitely preferable to the anecdotal nonsense that most of us, as fans, gravitate towards.

Except for the anecdote about how Sutter had a shitty overpaid Jokinen, banished him to Gotham, and then brought the fucker back completely on purpose. That anecdote is acceptable. Also acceptable? The one about how the Canucks gave Demitra a shit-ton of money for more or less zero production and are probably gonna do it again. It's funny every single time.

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