Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Collision at the Classical Part Dos

Part Two of Captains in Summer is up over at The Classical: check it out for all your N-through-W team captains needs! To pimp it, I shall provide you the greatest blurb I expect I'll ever receive, from eternal class act editor, rad dude, and infinitely kick-ass writer David Roth:

Fire up your HEAVY TUNES of choice, and hit the link below!

Dion Phaneuf--Just got home and grimly, silently ate from a variety of cheap cheeses before discovering a disturbingly pale hair in one wedge. He's still standing in his dark kitchen, the heat-softening dairy lump in his hand, his mammoth-club of a jaw working, working.

In my head, this two-parter was a thirty-parter, a slideshow with each captain lavishly illustrated by CtC's own Bogdan von Pylon, the world's Sorry Your Heinous, or the Classical's incredible and essential Samarov or Eli Neugeboren. In my head, I can also dunk a basketball.

Here is a HEAVY TUNE for you to listen to while you read.

--Collision, who got more in store


Dmitry Samarov said...

Who's portrait did you have in mind?

Chris Collision said...

Well, I mean, wouldn't it *have to* be Toews?

Dmitry Samarov said...

Perhaps I'll get to it one of these days...

Chris Collision said...

Perhaps this may inspire?