Wednesday, August 15, 2012

you might like

There is absolutely nothing funny about a bus accident, and I dearly hope everybody involved in the Baroness bus crash is okay.

And it's a good reminder that our automated systems are inhuman, and, if not monitored, will make us inhuman, as shown by this carefully curated "you might like" section for bus crash fetishists enthusiasts.

--Collision, struggling to retain his humanity

(That said, I am kind of interested in that Alien Ant Farm wreck...)

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Holly Wendt said...

And part of me wonders how the links are chosen. I mean, if we're talking about metal and bus crashes, shouldn't the algorithm or whatever generates those links be obligated to remind us about Metallica and the loss of Cliff Burton? If some automated system is going to fetishize tragedy (like y'do on the internet), I want all the old wounds sandpapered open properly. Or, you know, for the internet to stop telling me what else I might "like, particularly when there's absolutely nothing to like about most of these stories.

...the plane crash link-trails should get super-fun as we roll into September.