Thursday, May 3, 2012

sex is greater than death in the American sporting life

Oh, inDEED, Oh indeed.

(I just wanted to read about a goddamned hockey game, SI, not have to confront the gruesome capitalization of sex and death.)

I mean, if I wanted to read about death, I wouldn't go to SI anyway, I'd read David Roth's harrowing and even-handed account of the meaning of Junior Seau...

--Collision, bummed bumming bummer

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Chris Collision said...

I note for the record that Nucks Misconduct is doing "Player Autopsies":, an idea so breathtaking in its stupidity that I can't really fathom it. After Lokomotiv, after Derek Boogaard, after Rick Rypien, after Wade Belak, they think "Player Autopsies" is a joke worth making?