Thursday, September 29, 2011

Canadian Density

Further to my prediction the other day, that the fetid garbage-pile in dad jeans who threw a banana at a black man would defend his actions as "not racist at all how could you even suggest such a thing I am shocked that this could possibly be construed as somehow racist", I would like to highlight the following statement from that man's lawyer (italics and parentheticals mine):
The lawyer for a man accused of throwing a banana at a black NHL player says his client deeply regrets what he did and had no idea his actions could be seen as racist.

Lawyer Faisal Joseph says Chris Moorhouse was caught up in the drama of a tense (preseason exhibition) game featuring his favorite hockey team and threw the banana at the Philadelphia Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds in hopes of preventing the winning (shootout)goal (in a preseason exhibition game). The Detroit Red Wings won in a shootout.

The lawyer says Moorhouse is “mortified” and deeply remorseful. Moorhouse fears the reputation of his family and hometown have been clouded.

Well, there are I think two take-homes from this:

  • I fucking nailed it.
  • If you don't want to cloud the reputation of your family and hometown, don't pull racist stunts and then defend yourself with mealy-mouthed pretenses. Try this: "yes, I did a racist thing, because I stupidly thought it was funny. I was wrong. I did a stupid and racist thing and I will try never to do a stupid racist thing again."

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