Friday, July 1, 2011

goalie fireballin'

Brian Elliott ain't coming back. Now what? Well, I've been texting with Avs coach Joe Sacco, and I was asking him about how Alain Vignault choked and mishandled Roberto Luongo, trying to get Sacco to (a) give me a juicy quote to stir up some shit and raise my profile as a blogger and (b) give me some insight into his own thought processes, and I think I hit the fucking jackpot:
Nah, I think goalies play best when they're sharp & engaged, & I think the best way to keep a goalie sharp & engaged is to show them that the slightest mistake will result in punishment and public shaming. Also sometimes the team just needs a lift. If you can't handle being the scapegoat, try skating well enough to be a forward.
So, uh...Tomas Vokoun? Welcome to the Avs.

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